“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”

In an age when mechanisation has become the cornerstone of every manufacturing unit and output and sales drives the growth of every manufacturer , We slowly create our goods because we are driven purely out of passion for creating pieces of art using some of the finest, richest and high quality premium nylons and polyesters. Juxtaposing avant-garde designs with good old-fashioned workmanship. Always pushing the envelope, combining traditional artisanship with futuristic aesthetics.

When we work on a piece of nylon , we know that we’re not merely crafting a luggage product, but creating art. An art where every inch has been carefully envisaged and where every single stitch holds a specific value. Something that just can’t be manufactured on an assembly line.

Our designs are fresh, seductive and classy. They are vibrant, reliable and just what you need.

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