About us

We started of early in the luggage business around 1960 ad, with luggage running through our veins , we love to deliver quality products that last. We ve seen the luggage transform from the wooden cases to the current 4 wheeler luxury, we surely have come a long way, and understand the need of the new age user.

Our innovation doesn't happen in a closed room with machines . People inspire everything we do. Which is why we take each and every product out into the real world, testing, touching and trying in every imaginable scenario — and ultimately rejecting anything that doesn't upgrade and streamline your life. It's about tools that provide solutions, before the problems even cross your mind.

TRAVEL CLUB is a dream born out of the passion for MANUFACTURING THE BEST LUGGAGE. It is a celebration of life on 2 wheels AND 4 wheels . The life OF a TRAVELLER is simple, leave YOUR BASE , enjoy the ride and LOVE the feeling of arriving. TILL THEN WE GOT YOU COVERED…

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